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Happy Holidays from Boulder Landscape!

Harrison Woytko

Happy Holidays from Boulder Landscape! Why is it that the holiday season always manages to sneak up on us and before we know it, it’s Christmas Eve?


The holiday season means only one thing here in Northeastern PA and that is winter is right around the corner! We know, we are still in denial that the first day of winter is just a few short weeks away, but sadly it’s time to put the patio furniture away and break out the snow shovels. Although snow can be a burden we do have to admit it does have the ability to turn an outdoor landscape into a beautiful and picturesque winter wonderland.


The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting this winter to be filled with frigid cold temperatures and above average snowfall for our area. Here are a few tips from us to help you prepare for winter and protect your landscape.

1.      Put those outdoor hoses away! Make sure to turn your outdoor water spigots off from inside.

2.      Tie up any loose or low hanging fragile branches within your landscape shrubbery. A heavy snow or cold wind could cause branches to break.

3.      Winterize your outdoor power equipment. Drain fuel lines and wipe down metal parts with an oily cloth to prevent rust.

4.      When the snow & ice begin to accumulate, use calcium chloride instead of rock salt on your paver areas.

5.      Think about your outdoor landscape jobs NOW! The winter season is a great time to plan and prepare for spring landscaping projects.


With 2017 quickly approaching, we would like to thank you for being a part of a great 2016 season with us! The entire team at Boulder Landscape is incredibly thankful and appreciative and we are looking forward to another year with you.


This holiday season we encourage you to spend time with your family and friends, eat a Christmas cookie or two, and always keep in mind that Spring is right around the corner…five months to be exact, not that we are counting or anything.


Cheers & Happy Holidays!