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Celebrate July 4th!

Harrison Woytko

School is out, and the sounds of summer are finally here! Birds greet you as you taste your morning coffee, and crickets say goodnight after a long day's work. You've dreamed of these days while watching the snow fall all winter. Now, Boulder Landscape, LLC can help you enjoy these spectacular summer days a little more.

The perfect lawn is ready for the Fourth of July festivities, and the grill welcomes your guests. Our average rainfall this spring has turned the grass into a sea of green, and the added nitrogen that Mother Nature provided helps as a natural fertilizer and makes our lawns even happier.  However, the dreaded dry season is around the corner, so here is a tip we recommend.  Keep the grass a little higher than normal; this will help during a dry spell.  Also, if you have fertilized throughout the spring, mulch your grass back into the lawn rather than bag it.  This healthy grass will also help fertilize when the rain forgets to fall.

So while you and your guests add to the statistic of 150 million hot dogs eaten over the holiday, raise your glasses to a great lawn and the summer ahead.  You earned this holiday weekend!

And lastly, when the fireworks have fallen and the Tiki torches are out, and the only guests still up are the crickets, try this:

Count their chirps for 14 seconds, add 40, and you will get the current temperature in Fahrenheit.  

You will probably be more accurate than most weathermen...believe us, we know.

We are landscapers.

Celebrate our great country!