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Celebrate Labor Day

Harrison Woytko

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about spring, too much rain, and fireworks.  However, like every year, the leaves are just starting to change and the smell of fall greets you in the morning while the hot summer sun is still crisp during the afternoon.  The workdays now consist of irrigation, trimming shrubs, and dusting off the snowplows.  Yes, we said it, SNOWPLOWS!  Although it may only be the end of August, we all know what is lurking just around the corner.

While the days start to get shorter and the mornings a little brisk, we thank 10,000 New York City workers who marched in 1882 to create the first Labor Day.  What started as a day of unpaid marching by workers has now turned into a day of celebration and pool closing parties.  So once again as we prepare to gather with friends and family, let Boulder Landscape, LLC help make the day and the end of the summer season a little better.

As the food coma overtakes you after a long day of entertainment and over indulging, the unfortunate event occurs... a leaf falls from a tree and hits the lawn.  Then another.  You know in your mind that in a month or so the lawn is going to be filled with these beautiful, crunchy pests.  But this year, don't fret!  Our advice; mow over them!  Mulching leaves back into your lawn, with the help of a winter-prep fertilizer, assists in a nice green lawn come springtime.  Some also say it helps keep those pesky dandelions away! So take that deep breath at the end of your well-earned holiday and sleep in peace knowing that leaves will be no issue this year.

We at Boulder Landscape, LLC  would like to wish everyone a very happy Labor Day, along with a lucky sports season, a good school year, and maybe, just maybe, a mild winter.