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Happy spring 2016 from Boulder Landscape!

Harrison Woytko

Happy spring 2016 from Boulder Landscape!  After one of the strongest El Nino on record, this March’s early flowers are bringing April snow showers!  Be sure not to spread grass seed on your driveway and salt on your lawn!

As the vitamin D kicks in from the sun’s rays, the snow removal and ice equipment is put away and we begin to bring out the summer landscaping tools and equipment.  There is a very important service we strongly believe in and is overlooked by many homeowners and commercial companies: preventative landscape maintenance.  We’ve spent these past few cold (or not so cold) months maintaining our gear to ensure it’s going to keep us working all summer long.   This principle of maintenance should be applied to your outdoor space as well.  Whether it is a small landscape bed, front lawn, or backyard outdoor living area, it is important to establish a proper maintenance program to keep those areas healthy and looking sharp.  A maintenance program is an effective and a wise investment.  

One key word that Boulder Landscape strives to enforce in our services is quality.  Quantity has had a tendency to impact quality in recent years. Our commitment to quality will never be overrun by quantity. 

We at Boulder Landscape will do our part making sure landscape beds and plants are well manicured, patio and wall projects are managed and installed properly, and our customers are treated with respect while ensuring them of the highest quality of workmanship.  We are excited about this early spring and hoping to ride the wave of excitement throughout the summer.  Come join us!